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Water Damage Repair Tips

Whether you’re a home or business owner (or both!), water damage can get pretty ugly. If it’s not taken care of immediately, the damage can pose serious health risks from mold and other devastation. Not to mention the costly repairs. At the first sign of water damage, you should act immediately and call a professional contractor. In the meantime, these tips will help you keep the damage to a minimum.


Spotting Water Damage

Not all water damage is noticeable but you should be able to tell fairly quickly once you’ve seen these signs. Peeling or bubbling paint on your walls, cupping of you wood floors, and even a major sign such as an increased water bill will alert you if something’s gone awry. Any odor from mold spore buildup is another sure-fire sign of water damage.

Clean and Disinfect

Depending on the water damage, you’ll need to take safety precautions by wearing appropriate gear while you disinfect the area. You need to remove all damaged items at once, meaning anything that the water has seeped through – drywall, furniture, personal belonging, carpet. Perhaps now is the time for a kitchen design in Jupiter and your local contractors can help you design a plan. But for now, you need to throw away all damaged items. There is no salvaging these items and they will need to be trashed. This makes the cleaning and disinfecting much easier once all of the damage items are removed. Bleach is still high on the list for immediate and thorough disinfecting, but you can get high-quality green cleaners, too. Once everything is thoroughly washed and cleaned, you can let it dry.

Safety First

As always when you’re dealing with water damage, be sure to get the mess cleaned right away to prevent hazardous bacteria from forming. Gloves, masks, and boots are appropriate for cleaning and disinfecting. If you had your kitchen cabinet remodel in Jupiter, even your local team had to prepare themselves in case of water damage.


If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you have insurance on your home. And one of the major elements of the insurance plan is to cover for flood damage, especially after such tragedies like hurricanes. This is another reason you need act fast when you notice a leak. A bursted pipe will more likely get covered than a small, unnoticeable leak.

Call the Pros

Lastly, call the professionals in kitchen and bath remodel in Jupiter for help. A local contractor will not only help you find the best plan to remodel your home after water damage, but they’ll help you create your floor plan.

Are you ready for a kitchen upgrade? Property Redeemers can help. They have serviced the Palm Beach Garden and south Florida area for many years and are equipped and skilled to take on a kitchen or bath project that meets you and your family’s needs. Contact their office today!