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New Kitchen Cabinets in West Palm Beach, Florida

The Role of Cabinets in Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the first things you can do to increase your home’s value and give your living space a fresh look. Renovations, however, can have the opposite effect if you do not choose your design wisely. Remodeling your kitchen also does not mean you need to gut it entirely. Redesigning your storage layout or installing new cabinets entirely can make your kitchen feel brand new without having to replace every tile and electronic.


Improve Functionality

Your cabinets play an important role in the functionality of your kitchen. If you are currently struggling to find storage space or feel cramped, it may be time to invest in new cabinets. Remodeling your cabinetry can provide you with more space than you were aware you had. Redesigning your cabinet layout can allow you to extend your cabinets to the ceiling, making your kitchen appear larger already.


You can also design the interior of your kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach to possibly include a built in spice rack, ‘Lazy Susan’ or utensil organizer. You are also able to design the types of shelving in your cabinets; reallocating more space for larger appliance storage and saving cabinet space on smaller items such as dish ware. When your cabinets are designed to store all your kitchenware and appliances, you free up space on your kitchen countertops, again, giving the illusion that your kitchen is now larger.


You can’t always fix everything

You can’t always fix or resurface old cabinets. Cabinets that have been in your kitchen for years might not be as stable or appealing as they once were. While you might consider resurfacing the cabinets to give them a little spruce, you may just be prolonging another renovation. Resurfacing or DIY fixing your cabinets can be similar to placing a Band-Aid over a much deeper problem. While your cabinets might look better their function can continue to deteriorate over time, which could lead to an even more costly renovation later on. Equally, paying to have your cabinets fixed and refinished can be just as expensive as purchasing new ones in the first place. So before you set your heart on preserving your old kitchen cabinets, you might want to consider the cost benefits of installing new ones!


Updated kitchens are always in

When you have something in your home remodeled the first thing you want to do when the work is done is show it off! Imagine having your friends and family over to look on in awe at what they all think, is an entirely redone kitchen when in fact you only remodeled your cabinets. Remodeling your cabinets can have this affect on your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen up-to-date with the latest styles and design aesthetics makes your home not only feel fresh, but also increases its overall value. A major selling point for many buyers is having an updated kitchen; by investing in new cabinets now, you’re investing in your home’s future value.


As mentioned earlier, kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a renewed feel or they can make it feel more dated than before. To avoid poor installation or design work, get your kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach from Property Redeemers.