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Hurricane Home Prep: 6 Steps for Safety

It’s hurricane season in Florida and while we may or may not experience a hurricane, severe storms do occur. It’s better to prepare your home for a hurricane before disaster strikes. A recent survey shows that despite Hurricane Irma in 2017, residents are still not ready for hurricane season. These safety tips will encourage you and your family to live and act consciously during this detrimental season.

Take Inventory of Household Belongings

The last thing you want to do is remember all of the important items you have in your home. Take inventory of what you have so you can efficiently get through the claims. Especially if you just had an upgrade to your kitchen, make a list of the new renovations that took place. Insurance companies need all of the information for claims in case of destruction. Keep this list with you or in a safe place away from your home.


Update your insurance if you have homeowners. If you don’t, it’s time to call your local agent. You may need to add a few details to your policy to make sure you’re covered for hurricane damage. Your new kitchen design in Jupiter may not withstand the impact of a hurricane and it’s best to cover all areas of your home.

Secure your Doors/Windows

Start now with inspecting your windows and doors to avoid foundation issues should a hurricane strike. Ditch the tape and glue and just board up your windows and secure your doors with extra deadbolts. This will keep wind and water from getting into your home and causing more damage. If you’re in the process of planning your kitchen remodel, let your local contractors know that you’re concerned about hurricane season. They’ll guide you when preparing your new windows and kitchen for storms.

Tree Trimming

Trimming your bushes and surrounding trees will save you and your neighbors some severe damage once those high winds and rain pick up. Millions of dollars are a result to fallen trees, tree limbs, and large debris. If you notice your tree limbs hanging over your roof, trim them immediately. Tree limbs becomes like missiles, targeting windows and roofs, causing insurance to skyrocket.

Secure your Garage Door

Your roof is the second most important element of your home’s structure. The first is the garage because most garage doors aren’t reinforced, allowing wind to swirl around and shake the foundation and roof. You can buy a preparatory garage door kit at your local home improvement store or hire a professional to safely secure it for you.

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