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remodel - 6 Steps to Take When You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

6 Steps to Take When You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

We’ve all been guilty of it. We see a beautiful kitchen remodel on Pinterest or a home improvement show, and the next thing we know, we hate everything about our current kitchen. It must be updated and completely remodeled. Stat!

Not so fast. A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. Don’t rush. Before you jump into a kitchen remodel, do these 6 things first.

Think About Why

Sure, you want a prettier kitchen. But why else are you remodeling? Do you want room for entertaining? Do you plan to sell your home in the next few years? Do you want a more open space? Take the time to figure out what you really want to get out of your kitchen.

Face the B-Word: Budget

Don’t let yourself be blindsided by cost. Budget, budget, and budget some more. The scope of your project will largely determine cost, and you’ll also want to take materials, contractors, structural changes, and more into consideration.

Orcut Custom Kitchen Cabinets - 6 Steps to Take When You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Take Your Time Planning

Planning a kitchen remodel isn’t something you do in a weekend. The time you spend thinking and planning should actually take longer than the actual construction. We’re not talking weeks here; we’re talking about months. You want to sit on your ideas for several months so you know you’ll still love them when construction begins. And you need to plan out as many of the details as you can to make the project run more smoothly:

  • Create a drawing of your kitchen, complete with measurements of all elements — doorways, counters, etc. This will prevent you from purchasing an appliance that is too big for the space.
  • Study new technology and design, and determine what elements you want in your kitchen. If you don’t know the latest advances and trends, you may find out too late that you could have made things a lot more convenient for yourself.
  • Think about aging in place, and design your kitchen to be accessible. This will not only allow you to remain in your home longer, it will open up your buying pool if you decide to sell your home in the future.
  • Before you hire a contractor, choose your materials and fixtures so you can avoid back order delays and bids that aren’t accurate.

Think Quality

You want your kitchen remodel to last. The materials in your kitchen should hold up to heavy and tough use. Don’t scrimp on materials. Always choose quality materials and contractors. When choosing materials, look for low maintenance and long warranties.

Plan for Delays

Delays are always possible in remodeling. Products may be hard to secure, weather may ruin construction days, and so on. When thinking about the date you’re hoping your project will be complete, plan in some cushion time. Are you hosting a large event for Christmas? Make sure your contractor knows, and give yourself plenty of extra time.

Plan to Live Without a Kitchen

Make preparations for how you’ll live without your kitchen during construction. How will you feed your family? If your budget (and waistline) won’t allow for take-out every night, start thinking about meals you can prepare without use of your oven or stove. Set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your house, and move the microwave and other small appliances to that space.