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5 Elements to complete your bathroom remodel

It looks as though 2017 was the year of the bathroom remodel as homeowners took their creativity and inspiration to the next level. Bathroom renovations superseded kitchen renovation in 2017. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Jupiter was no different as many homeowners stuck to trends that offered a fresh and sunny element.


Plan of Action

Before you settle on a color or cabinet, write a floor plan that meets the needs of what you’d like to accomplish with your bathroom remodel. Be realistic and practical, but let your inspiration be your guide to achieving the bathroom remodel of your dreams. A plan will help you remain on track to your dream bathroom remodel. Perhaps you need to alter your plan to fit the space you require for your bathroom. In this case, consider your space on the walls adjacent from your bathroom. You may have enough room to expand into an empty closet or room.

Efficient Space & Cabinetry

Your bathroom should offer plenty of room for you, your family and guests. Maximize the space in your bathroom by adding efficient cabinetry and shelving units that meet your needs. Who will be using this bathroom frequently? Is this a guest, main, or kid’s bathroom? Each bathroom style should have efficient use of space. Carefully choose the right size cabinets for the items you wish to display. Too much storage may overwhelm the room, making it look and feel cluttered.

Lighting Fixtures

56% of individuals spend between 11 and 30 minutes getting ready in the bathroom each day. Efficient lighting goes a long way in a bathroom so it’s important to consider who will be using the bathroom and what for. For makeup and other cosmetic related applications, task lighting is best. Night lighting keeps a dim but clear pathway so no one trips and falls. And ambient lighting would go hand-in-hand with relaxation, for example, a tranquil bath time.


Are you considering an upgrade with entertainment features in your bathroom? Perhaps a music player or the simplicity of an open shelving unit for books and magazines. Keep these ideas in mind when considering a spot for entertainment.

Cut the Clutter

The experience in your bathroom should remain peaceful and calming. Magazines and books need a rack, towels need an open shelf, and laundry needs a closed container. Cleaning supplies should be under the sink or on a separate shelving unit (if children are present) and decor should be strategically placed, not clutter the counter space.

Do you need assistance picking the right color or cabinetry for your bathroom? Let Property Redeemers help you decide the most efficient bathroom setup for your renovation. Contact the experts in kitchen and bath remodeling in Jupiter today!